the farm

Why Chewy's Backyard Farm


   Chewy's Backyard Farm is the fulfillment of the lifelong dreams of Dave and Katie Bridges.  So who is Chewy? Well, Chewy is Dave and Katie's miniature schnauzer. Chewy believes if he can see it, then it is his yard. One day he was staring out the kitchen window surveying his land. So when Dave and Katie decided to farm the backyard it only made since to call it Chewy's Backyard Farm. 

Dave Bridges


 Dave grew up in southeastern Kentucky where his grandparents owned a tobacco farm. He loved to see things grow and change so when Dave was in high school he was actively involved in FFA. He served as an officer of his chapter his junior and senior year. During this time Dave had two dreams, he wanted to serve his country and he wanted to farm. After 26 years in the United States Air Force, his decided it was time to farm.  

Katie Bridges


Katie grew up in Kansas. Her family has been farmers for generations. She spent many summers with her grandmother picking gooseberries and watching the tractors plant wheat, beans and corn. While she can quickly kill a house plant,  she can grow one pretty tomato and hot jalapeños. Dave and Katie's paths crossed on a fateful day in 2002 and the rest is history.