the seeds

 Chewy's Backyard Farm uses natural pesticides and herbicides, we do not want our produce to end up on the Dirty Dozen list. We use heirloom, organic and/or non-GMO seeds when available. Below is a list of all the plants we are growing this year, when you click on the link it will take you to the place we purchased the seeds. 

Plants we grew last year we are bring back

Provider Green Beans

Georgia Southern Collards

Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Bok Choi

Itachi Cucumbers

Jambala Okar

Carmine Splendor Okra--the red one

Super Sugar Snap Peas

Islander Bell Peppers--the purple pepper

Mellowstar Shishito Peppers

Goddess Banana Peppers

Red Corinto Banana Peppers

Orange Corinto Banana Peppers

Dunja Zucchini

Golden Glory Zucchini--gold zucchini

Goldmine Zucchini--striped yellow zucchini

Tempest Squash

Zephyr Squash--the yellow and green one

Yellow Crooked Neck Squash

8 Ball Zucchini--the round zucchini

1 Ball Squash--the round squash

Butternut Squash--expect late summer, early fall

Angel Hair Squash--expect late summer

Spaghetti Squash--expect late summer

Big Beef Tomatoes--big, red beefsteak

BHN 871 Tomatoes--lower acid, orange beefsteak

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Sunrise Sauce Tomatoes--orange roma

Orange Crisp Watermellon

Crimson Sweet Watermellon

New plants for 2020

Dragons Tongue Beans--kin to Rattlesnake Beans

Lima Beans

Baby Beets

Sugar Cube Cantalope

Bristol Cucumbers--dark green pickling cucumber

Cool Customer Cucumbers--light green pickling cucumber

Calliope Egglant

Galine Eggplant

Guardsman Onions--traditional green onions

Deep Purple Onions--a green onion with purple bottom

Hot Paper Lantern Pepper 

Hobanero Pepper

Red Ember Pepper

Kristians Pepper

Bangkok Pepper

Ghost Pepper

Pretty Purple Pepper

Royal Snap Peas

Magda Zucchini--pale green zucchini

Raven Zucchini

Sunburst Squash--its a Patty Pan squash

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Chef's Choice Tomato--orange beefsteak

Sungold Tomato--orange cherry tomato

Plum Regal Tomato

Delicata Squash--cream and green striped winter squash